Phil Driscoll - He's Alive Again lyrics
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Phil Driscoll - He's Alive Again lyrics

Like a Lamb led to the slaughter,
Led Him off to die.
With sounds of swords and soldiers,
Shouts of crucify.
Without a word about it,
To the ones who laughed with pride.
On a hill between two thieves,
He hung His head and died.
Well the earth did shake and tremble.
The sky turned black as night.
The dead came forth to testify...
Of God and all His might.
Though they crucified Him,-
Sealed Him in a tomb.
No grave could ever hold Him,-
No stone or burial room.
Life filled an empty shell.
The body that was cold and still,
Is now alive and well.
And unto His disciples,
An angel came and said,
Go and spread the good news,
The King's no longer dead.
He's alive again,
Stone's been rolled away.
He's alive again.
He's no longer where He lay.
He's alive again.
I can hear the angels say
Let all the world rejoice, He's alive!
( repeat chorus twice )
Let all the world rejoice ( 3X ) He's Alive!

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