Slim Dusty - Ah Forget It lyrics
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Slim Dusty - Ah Forget It lyrics

I recollect his joining, I liked him from the first,
His smile was everlasting, unquenchable his thirst,
Oh, I ventured once to ask him, what made him take to
He muttered "Ah,forget it, I drink because I choose."
It wasn't quite an answer, he saw that I'd was hurt,
And hastened to repair things but "ah forget" it first,

"I didn't mean to snub you", then shook me by the hand,
"A woman, but forget it." I said, "I understand."
Then he shouted me a whiskey, and paid for two or
And grumbled "Ah,forget it", when I said, "This one's
on me."
His heart was like old Phar Lap's, as big and just as
And many a needy cobber , a helping hand he gave.

When came the day for sailing, to foreign parts
We all had friends to cheer us, but he was there alone.
Until the grey haired lady, a mother's eyes alight,
Said, "Son, I'll keep on praying, for you both day and
With "Ah, forget it, mother, those things will be OK"
We stumbled up the gangplank, and so we sailed away.


Well soon the old battalion was fighting in the line,
One night out in the jungle when we had made a break,
I learned just why the digger is the bravest thing God
Wounded in the shell hole and wallowing in mire,
The battle stormed around me, with crackling rifle fire

Machine guns loudly stuttered and swept the shell hole
rim ,
When someone dropped beside me, oh, I knew that it was
And his cheery voice was saying, "Buck up, this war's a
But ah, forget it cobber, for I'll get ya back
Despite that mad infernal, he safely brought me through
But not before the other side had badly got him too.

In choking words I thanked him, though dying he would
He said, "Ah gee, forget it, ah , you would have done
the same."
His rugged face was greying, I knew it was the end,
A better man than I am, had died to save his friend.
And when he comes to judgement, Oh, I know just what
he'll say,
"Dear God I am unfitted to tread the holy way.
"I've gone my way unheeding, just lived a life of sin."
But God the Just will answer, "Forget it, Son, Come

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