Barbecue Bob - Motherless Chile Blues lyrics
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Barbecue Bob - Motherless Chile Blues lyrics

If I mistreat you gal : I sure don't mean no harm
I'm a motherless child : and I don't know right from
Please tell me pretty mama : honey where you stayed last
You didn't come home : till the sun was shining bright
I have to go so far : to get my hambone boiled
These Atlanta women : going to let my hambone spoil
I done done more for you : than your daddy ever done
I give you my jelly : he ain't give you none
When you see two women : always running hand in hand
You can bet your bottom dollar : one's got the other
one's man
I'm going to the river : get me a *dang* old rocking
If the blues overtake me : going to rock on away from
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