Tech N9ne - Blammers And Burners lyrics
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Tech N9ne - Blammers And Burners lyrics

Molotov an' I'm offin' 'em in a coffin for the double
We toss em off in tha mossy talkin' boss when he
solvin' 'em
We causin' problem after problem we got 'em
Put them at the bottom in the sodom column we fraud 'em
we shot 'em
Is anybody listenin', I'm on a mission to dig his ditch
picture many christening with the pistol 'n poppin
the second I'm 'bout to cock it, get ready for the
rocket then it's off with his head
He runninn off with the mouth then he dead
Straight raw wit it, I'ma get saw wit it
Rip a little snitch when he drippin' now bitch crawl in
tattle-tale and you got the whole hood shook
tell the people we evil that the whole hood cook, that
is no good look
the penalty for the pussy that put us in
penitentiaries, rolled, shook, whooped
his motherfuckin' ass for givin' posed good crooks
We put'em in a section where there was no good books
Understandable why your body is flammable handle your
famo with ammo nigga animaly cannibal
Man oh man I'ma damage every stran' of botanicals with
Barry Manilow playin' man my hand is mechanical
stuck repeatedly heated me and serviced 'n cheated me
so he bleeded immediately depleted me deity
Creepy I'm feeling deeply when I'm speaking of sleeping
the recently deceased peeps, he defeated so easily
hush when you're rollin through KC-MO, better bust or
they gonna lose they people
Nigga killa city we hella for real and gritty itty
bitty you shitty we let the stray heat go
anybody trying get over can never see us
put your money over your mouth or get beat up
bloody murder we got it comin through your speakers
tecca ninna with crooked I bustin niggas and we just
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