Jay-z - 7 Minute Freestyle lyrics
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Jay-z - 7 Minute Freestyle lyrics

Yo, I got slugs for snitches, no love for bitches
Puttin' thugs in ditches when my trigger finger itches
I got a rep that make police jet,
known to get a priest wet
I never beg for pussy like Keith Sweat
Is Big L slow? Hell no
Bitches get fucked on the roof when I ain't got no hotel dough
I'm known for yokin' jacks and beatin' them with smokin' gats
Leavin' token blacks with broken backs and open caps
So with that bullshit, step to the rear son
The last thing you want with Big L is a fair one
Cause in a street brawl,
I strike men like lightnin'
You seen what happened in my last fight friend? aight then
I beat kids with lead pipes,
I leave a trail of dead mic's
Where I'm from, niggas jewels get ran like red lights
Old folks get mugged and raided, crimes are drug related
And we live by the street rules that thugs created
Clowns get smoked about a thousand volts
For sellin' pounds of coke
Front in this town and get a tech stuck down your throat
I'm tellin' you shit is about to get drastic soon
I'm quick to blast a goon
and break a mothafucker like a plastic spoon
I got the looks that make your hotty stare
I keep a shotty near
, it's that nigga with
notty hair
Tracks I'm known to roast until the microphone is ghost
Props I own the most, I'm leavin' niggas comatose
Front and get your brain pinched
Big L will have your whole gang lynched
I started smokin' dust and been insane since
This rap shit was a great gift
The other night some snake riffed and got a hot lead face lift
All through high school I had braids, I kept mad blades
Stabbin' teachers to death that gave me bad grades
I cook the mic like a beef steak,
cause my techniques great
I'm the nigga police hate in each state
neighborhood lamper,
Fuck around you'll find my silk boxers in your mother's hamper
Cops drop when my Glock makes a pow sound
I'm from a whyle town
, you know my style clown, so bow down
Brothers can beg and borrow
Still feel sorrow
When Jay-Z, like Zorro, get in that ass
Better luck tomorrow
I'm too much, nigga, so never should you rush
You need slow down, or get your ass tore down
I'm too cocky
To stop me, you gotta kill me
And when I'm gone, you can still feel me
On the real, B
The shit is eternal, I rock the Heavens well
Even if they won't let me in Heaven
I raise hell, till it's Heaven
Recognize, the black cat with the nine lives
Get up off me, nigga, its bad luck to cross me
I'm poppin Crystal, shooting game like missiles
all ho's affected by this style
I mack like Goldie,
go back like the oldies
But the goody, pullin R&B bitches wearin hoodies
They don't be knowin the way I be flowin
When I be goin, I be running the track like Jesse Owens
I disrupt the natural scheme
The way that you do things wit a swing
And have em rockin like
You say never you run, if ever you come
It's never you run so fast in your
Life to never have won
Come on and ride the rhythm
I be producing like jizm
Just like the gods I start with
Knowledge and follow with wisdom
For greater understanding
I'm landing blows and
Knocking sense into those that oppose me, ha
Enticin when slicing through tracks
Your screaming, "Jesus Christ," he's back
And God knows he can rap
Me and L put rhythm on the map
So give him his dap
And me, I just take mine
Gimme those, gimme this, gimme that, fuck that
You never see me stressed, in a GS
On the prize, my greedy eyes can't see no less
Even my thoughts is federal
Like kidnapping, extortion and corruption
So you know, beatin me will never come
Like a nun or tomorrow,
I'm too thorough, nigga
I make moves, cause bowels to move
When I'm creeping through your hood
With a thousand little dudes
Armed with a piece like Islam
I make your eyes rise like yeast
Surprise, I feel no fear when facing y'all
Betcha lyrics jump off the track like racing cars
Emcee's trying to be the best
And even in dying, couldn't be this def (death)
I see no reason to stop cheesin
Ever since L said "Throw three g's in"
And we can get down and split the wealth
That's when I found I could do it myself
My crew be deliverin' hot lead when gats are clenched
Rappers I jack and lynch
Nobody can fuck with the way I be killin' the shit in rap events
Big L is the nigga you expect to
catch wreck
in any cassette deck
I'm so ahead of my time, my parents haven't met yet
I'm feelin' like Billy Bathgate,
my rap style is past great
I love to fuck a bitch from the back and watch her ass shake
I probably got your mommy strung
Niggas hear me and take more notes than Connie Chung
My clan plans to get Giuliani hung
Never had a gassed head,
got loot cause I stash bread
Try to tax and I'mma beat your fagot ass half-dead
I stomp white cops till the life stops
For a low price hops, cause my blood is colder than an ice box
On 1-3-9 you don't want a block war
Cause my crew will kill a nigga from the lobby to the top floor
And every time a mack eleven bucks, I'm killin' at least seven ducks
I never was a follower of Reverend Butts
The bitch type I dislike, I'm rougher than a fist fight
All chicks ain't shit, ain't no such thing as Ms. Right
So we can never be a couple hun
Fuck love, all I got for ho's is hard dick and bubble gum
And clown emcee's I be attackin' quick
I'm on some rappin' shit and some car jackin shit
I ran up on this nigga name Mac in a black ac
And put the gat to his cap, click-clack
Sorry jack but get up out of that
My 38 works great, so make a mistake and hesitate
I can't wait to demonstrate this nickel plate
He didn't listen to what I was speakin'
He started reachin',
so I left him sleepin' with his temple leakin'
Aight, back to my man Jay-Z
As soon as I grab it, I eat it up like a savage
And no I don't have it, I get it
Together like a marriage
I'm seeking all rappers, I'm on my
P's and q's and carrots
Y'all don't understand, well
God-damn, don't you know my status
I'm flowing the fattest, mmmm that
Is, mmmm, I'm the baddest
No need to explain my name, the only thing that matters
For suckers who bite me, they find
I'm a bit much to swallow
Your thinking that's hollow, the
Rhythm is too r-rugged to follow
I hit you like bam, biggity bam, bam, biggity bam
Let me take a little breath... god damn
I'm definitely destined to make eight digits
Met up with L on the road to riches
As soon as I step up, nah, whenever I'm in the, uh
Whatever I touch, whatever I clutch
You know I'm gonna end ya, uh
The nigga don't play, hey, the nigga don't play, hey
Hahahhhh, here I come a-g-g-gain, run, up up up in
Niggas are do ducking I'm boo buckin, fuck it I'm whyle
But a boo boo boo bam, what you
Niggas gonna do to the man?
I see you brought your little crew... and?
I'm still comin with velocity, check it out
Jid-a, id-a, wid-I, zid-e, uh huh
Ain't none of the clowns fuckin around
Ain't none of clowns standing their ground
With the crowned prince of the underground
Sounds like I'm ready to catch wreck now
The heats on sweat now
Jay-Z's on, be gone to the next town
Punk, jump up and get beat down
Check it out, check it out, check it out
Ladies be comin out of their seats now
Shit I got crazy skills
It's a pity the way I'm ripping
Rugged rhythm through the city
Like dunnanna dunnanna di-di-dun dun ditty
I got rhythm, I, hit em with rhythm, I
Hit em and split em, I did em, I get rid of them guys
J-A, baby, baby please, gimme g's
Baby, baby, wit crazy ease
Watch Jay-Z get crazy G's
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