Conejo - Brown Monster lyrics
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Conejo - Brown Monster lyrics

That's right, ah labels just ah label. It's what you bring
to the table, scarface dos.
Mac-11, yeah. That' s how we rolling, with the AK's
holding. What you holding?
Respetado y temidio ala misma ves
Ese you playing checkers, this is aje tres
Con rapides, my delivery
Ese I don't fuck around, bloody mystery
Asesinato, de marca mayor
Cause this guaranteed, to bring dolor
On my bike, though it took ah while
But now I'm here, with my gangsta style
No dejo rastros, en la escena
I drop bombs, por dosena
Not ah movie, ah documentary
About me and my people in this century
Que se crucen, en mi camino
I put that on the H, que los termino
Los cocino, con mis ojos chino
I control the corner, yo la deciplino
Brown monster, that's what I am
C Mac-11 that notorious gang
On the premise, we ah straight up menace
I don't give ah fuck, cause my hustle endless
Brown monster, that's what I am
Big G Rabbs, from that sinister clan
On the premise, we ah straight up menace
Loco drilling on you mouth, like ah whacked out dentist
Sociedad, siempre esta secreta
Y la eronia, es la receta
That's la neta, it's about that get back
All the riders right here, they say they with that
La sangre, yega Rio
And when it comes to this, ese todo es mio
Better shoot that, or die right there
C Rock pull the trigger, cause he don't care
Los errillo, ala tumba
I spit on your building, todo se derumba
To the ground, the last state was playing
Bodies showed up at the clinic, they was d o a
Se a cavado, todo a cerrado
Pero sigo atrapado, con mi pasado
So I plot, each and every night
But I get up in the morning like it's time to fight
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