Conejo - Amapola lyrics
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Conejo - Amapola lyrics

Everyone I ever knew, is doing life
Ese bang bang bang got you in my sight
Now it's handle, they say my tone is rowdy
On ah three way call it's in direct from the county
There's ah bounty, I'm on ah fugitve list
I was drafted to the hood I'm ah number 1 pick
So I'm clappin if your yapping, always packing
Eyes low muthufucker on the creep we jacking
Send word, ese to all my G's
I'm with my law ones toking on the chronic weed
Yes indeed, I got some tats in my cell
Then my time came home and got connected with hell
They say I get stupid off Patron and Perico
I'm rolling with the Toker's, the midgits the chico's
Ride off, to where the bitches be
Gold d's 6 3's homie 2 1 3's
Have ah shoot out, with the enemy's
And bury muthufuckas ese right on the scene
My rhyme style, is ah nine millimetre
High definition, the music is theatre
Ah stranger in the night like I'm Frank Sinatra
With 25 killers come spray the opreah
That's ah rap, so fuck what you feel
I climb through the window competition get killed
Hood riches, I'm ah spoonful of tar
50 cc's nodding out in your car
That's who we are, I'm surrounded by choppers
I came up to the roof and started busting at choppers
The fans wanted more I have to give 'em their fix
The feds in the bushes, snapping ah flick
He step on shit, then my pit attack him
Ese had to call it up, he was ready to blast him
My dog named Saddam, he purple ribboned
Muthufuckas wanna get me they was shocked I was living
Sasination attempts, on top of my cases
DNA never matched that's why I laughed in their faces
Many mazes, that they follow me through
Ese out the back door into ah silver coop
The ride I took, took me right to the spot
Car stash open up, you can buy what you want
It never stop, el nogocio controla
Muthufuckers want the tar, coming from the Amapola
Nunca falla, it's always someone that wanted
And someone in the slums high ass fuck that stay on it
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