Conejo - For The West Side lyrics
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Conejo - For The West Side lyrics

They wanna start some shit what the beef about
Ese one muthufucka had to open his mouth
Now they go in thee objective ah slightly blood
Ese crews in the street are getting concerned
The competition, ese turn into hate
Ah subliminal diss is what the calles being saying
Politics get involved they wanna do you hard
But it all come back in different shapes or forms
Satisfy with the baddest and would ah few coppers
What I've done for the block it stay good in my
Disagree, I don't think you can
I got more on the woods so I can feed the AV
Sun lock, won't see me stumble
I've got the the park where my gats would rumble
So free my spirit, from this confines
So I could rise like ah phoenix with the open mind
Then roll ah prime, take you back in time
Ese front row seat this my life of crime
Yeah, you know
Some might say, that's dancing with the devil homie
But me, I'ma shine no matter what
Ha, I'ma spark my p-dog right here
I don't give ah fuck, I'm heated anyways
Watch me
I stayed in total control, won't allow the nonsense
Got my ear to the varrio I'ma wear responses
Concentration, I'm like ah jet that arrives
I'm looking at the biz and it's full of them lies
My mental attitude, is always rude
Ese put me on ah beat and it get subdued
I thought you knew, they wanna do it like Rabbs
But you pointing to the shit you ain't learning in
In this journey, I seen bodies on gurneys
And I don't give ah fuck homie just to be certain
Right rough, and I got what it takes
To deal with this courts and this industry snakes
If I succeed in life it's for the kids and wife
Everybody that with me know what it's like
I put the difference aside, but not cus I'm weak
I did it for the kids so the homies could eat
They call me C Rock, Mr. Felony Case
I'ma do what I do and let it fall into place
Fran V, what's up homeboy
Got this foo's hitting rock bottom right about now
Know what I mean, they ain't knowing what the fuck
to do
Yeah, know I'm saying
But it's on you now, show 'em what time it is my G
[Frank V]
Put your hands up put 'em up in the air
Like you don't care, now leave 'em there
You're getting robbed, like Lil Rob
From Royal T's spot, Royal T Oh!
Black ski mask so you know it's me
M-16 running, through thee industry
I don't hear ah peeps, no sound
Used to be deep now it's ah ghost town
I'm from that West Los town ese
I'm 1 3 G's up hoe's down
4-4 rounds putting foe's down
Cus on the West Side that's how it goes down
Speed up pigs just slow down
Grab ah scrap get ready for the show down
Frank V and C Loco sold the whole town
With that berry white and that James Brown
Yeah, that's right
It's been ah minute
Since both of us been on the same track together
You see, muthufuckers don't understand
That's how it is sometimes out here in the calles
Que no, homito this is for the West Side
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