Conejo - For The Money Homie lyrics
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Conejo - For The Money Homie lyrics

This Big C Mac-11, West Side HPS
Yes, I'm dropping that funky fresh shit
Notorious enemy style
My boy musica asesina on the wheels of steel
What up lok
You know, I had to do it
Keeping this shit all the way classic for the
streets, you feel me
Now everyone talking in the back shut the fuck up
So I could go ahead and kick this rhyme
I got game on my mind and ah stone cold heart
So what you gonna do when the hurricane start
You in sandman's land, 'bout to put you to sleep
This the portrait of ah convict and it's about to
get deep
Muthufuckers know, mics I devour
But when I'm on the street I gotta hustle for the
Ah getaway chase is like I need for speed
They found ah empty car with some bricks of weed
They know I'm working, and I'll be there in the end
3 dead bodies and the media attend
This is the way we were it's the way we owe
I know it sound crazy but it's fuck the law
C Mac-11 straight posted on the corner
All you bitches know I'm about to get over
Shout out to the ink and the rest of the fam
I do this for the dealers and I do this for the
I'm killing every muthufucken beat I jump on
Homie, but that's just me
That's what I do, young trucos
Let me say no more and let me get back to business
Call it murder case music you relate to the struggle
Do the devils work with the halo above you
Get your hands dirty so you know what it feel like
I'm coming at you real, up under the street light
I came out tonight, to be up in the spot
No matter where your from, you gotta let this rhyme
The winters they get hot, the summers they get cold
I patrol the fucking block like I'm 15 years old
I pump cool blood through my California veins
Claiming that your signed but you still got no fame
Man, this is my domain
Bout to slay ah muthufucker like it ain't no thing
And my only award is the most wanted poster
Ride through the zone with my fucken revolver
Female runners, they know the drill
Ese bitches whatever for ah couple of mills
Yeah, you know
It's all for the money homie
What else would it be about
That's what we all trying to get
know I'm saying, living one day at ah time
That's all I can do
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