Conejo - Hood Life lyrics
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Conejo - Hood Life lyrics

Scar face 2 homie, feeling good than ah muthufucker
Been all up in the Mid West, been all up in the East
Dirty South, yeah, but right now we touching down in
Los Angeles
Got my boy Ernie G on the one's and two's
It's ah high caliber exclusive
Scar face 2 the mix tape
Been on the run for ah minute, but still I did it
And every time I spit it, I know you hearing
The bitches cheering, small waist no panties
All I do is catch cases I don't get no grammys
Them STS caddys drive me to the hood
Where the dukes stay posted, 28 where they stood
Let's get some food, from Pete Burgers and shit
Then maybe go to the village, and catch ah flick
Homie white girl's thick she ah USC student
In the parking lot bumping, and the hoe was grooving
I'm disapproving, of all you weak ass suckas
Ain't even from ah varrio trying to rock some
Muthufuckas, I know you loving my slang
Call me Scar face 2 from that notorious gang
They like damn, homie back again
Get ah joint get ah 40 I suggest you attend
This the hood life
This the hood life
This the hood life
This the hood life
I hang tough on the block with the muthufucken
But I rather make some money with the neighborhood
They feel us, across the whole South West
And just like me, they got some tats on they chest
Chino G Midget Loco homie Spanky and Snipes
Ese all up in the kitchen and they cooking it right
It sound tight, and the movement strong
Let me stop for ah second take ah hit from the bong
And this for the Raza, but I ain't Frost
Homie Big C Loco, the criminal boss
You get tossed, you some studio gangsters
We just left the club with some female dancers
Know the answers, to the questions you ask
Ese why I'm so dope why your ass so whack
Fall back, you ain't got no stacks
All the riders on my team stay strapped with mags
This the hood life
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