Conejo - Game Over Ese lyrics
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Conejo - Game Over Ese lyrics

Yeah that's right, testing testing
Proper, one two one two
It's Frank V Ernie G
Game over ese, but I ain't ah lil flip
Check that Ak that ain't ah lil clip
30 rounds ese, that should do the trick
6 shots, for each of the bitches in your click
Frank V still crazy after all this years
Fucked up a lot of beers and a lot of careers
I tried to tell 'em they must of been high on that
When they spend ah gang of money that they'll never
Now they make threats, just like my x
Throwing up my shit like the opposite sex
You fucken cowards never seen ah hood hi powered
Check the forecast, it's gonna be ah led shower
Cus we make it rain in Southern California
I tried to warn you bitches but you didn't listen
I guess it wasn't enough, now hit the deck when you
hear so ruff so tuff
(automatic shots) coming out of the trunk
Of an 82 cut like pararompompompom
I don't give ah fuck, 2006 is mine
2005 ah whore you could keep it muthufucker
This is Big Creeper
I'm gonna show you how the Westside rocks
Call the cops when you see Frank V holding 2 glocks
Busting shots at this lames
You little bitches play too many games
So now I gotta show you how the Westside rocks
Westside rocks
I'm gonna show you how the Westside rocks
I'ma'na show you how you how the Westside rocks
I stay gang affiliated Harpy's gang G Rabbs
Ese dead end tiny locos from the hood that smash
Ese cooking, off ah fucken batch
Of some West Los shit, for the fucken fans
Hands down, I fucken rule in this game
And 13 1 is the price for the caine
And 98 hundred for that see through shit
Ese 5 double o for that AZ shit
Get your puff on, and homie pass that blunt
We some muthufucken vets checking all this punks
Parapompompompom, 96 S S right behind the cut
Who the boss, ese I'm the boss
Ese Killer From The West sparks with that raw
We break laws, it's for the Westside con
Frank V C O N 2 of the hardest come on
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