Conejo - For Life I'm Ruthless lyrics
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Conejo - For Life I'm Ruthless lyrics

I'm the walking lizard, Ce Roca
Notorious comando, yeah
Bonarue Nation, live and direct from ah undisclosed
Don't trip, let me handle this shit
For life I'm ruthless swith poison and choosing
So I could give it to you strike fast you clueless
On the front line, with all my troops
And we scoping out the rappers in their fucken
It's the same old, shit go sane
Muthufuckers want the crown but they far from being
Un Rey, ese fuck what you heard
Cus I ain't giving up my throne to this fucken nerds
They need to kill me, and all my boys
Their lame ass releases ain't making no noise
They must be high thinking somebody want it
It's ah free download, but nobody want it
I'm snorting, Mr. Smoke His Ass
In the back counting cash tupperwear with glass
Move fast, ah mad scientist
In the lab cooking up to put you in thee abyss
I'm the same, killer from the west
With the black Mac-11 here to clean up the mess
Yes, you make one false move
And I'ma pull the trigger so I could bury you dudes
Keep it real, that's what they say
But half of this bitches in the game just play
So behind, the fucken scene
I extort all this vatos for the work know I mean
Banana clip, when I go in
Ese tainers on the corners enemies delete
I got my mask on, I ain't here to ski
I'm here to do me and keep it all the way g
This is body bag music I think I'ma lose it
But if I meditate then I could refuse it
LAC, all day that's me
Rap kingpin from the 2 1 3
Ah West Coast boss, with tiger claws
Rip ah enemy to shreds like you never saw
The remains, at the bottom of lakes
Then it's back to work out here getting that cake
Ah coin flip, ese heads or tails
I hit the corner, eject more shells
The frontier, is never final
So I'm back in the lab homie sampling final
Muscle rivals, as I make my arrival
King C Rock is my fucken title
The early bird always get the worm
The 8th of Kush got my vision blurred
Ah swap meet dope boy embroyed to be me
Conejo on the front so the enemies see me
Time to ride, all bullshit aside
Muthufucker out to get it, no matter who die
I'm ruthless records for the night
G Rabbs, Notorious Enemy
Muthufucker I perfected my crack
I'm ah rare breed
Check this out
Repucaution will be severe if you cross that line
Best believe that
Stack g's
I'm born to pull my heater out the stash box
C Rock
They can't stand in my shoes
It's gangsterifical
That's right
Make the world go 'round
We at the gates of hell
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