Porter Wagoner - Country Bo-bo lyrics
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Porter Wagoner - Country Bo-bo lyrics

(Porter Wagoner)
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Now Bo-Bo is a slender boy lives on the outside of town
Bo-Bo he's a dancin' fool he can pick 'em up and lay 'em down
He can do the Bagalu or he can do the Dog
Or do the Funky Chicken or he can do the Frog
But when he gets hot and gets away down low
Then he does a dance he calls the Country Bo-Bo
It's kinda like the Penguin or the Robot the Electric Twist or the One Leg Hop
Country Bo-Bo he moves kinda slow
Until he does the dance he calls the Country Bo-Bo
Now Bo can feel the music or beat and the soul the country guitar sets him on fire
When he hears the fiddles Lord he seem to explode
A shakin' and a twistin' doin' the Country Bo-Bo
The push and the pull the Adrokstrup Country Bo-Bo he's shakin' it up
Dancin' the Crazy Legs the Breakdown Low
Quiverin' and a shakin' doin' the Country Bo-Bo
A slippin' and a slidin' a doin' the splits
Then he stands real stiff just kinda moves his hips
His favorite dance is the Country Bo-Bo the dancin'est man in the land little Bo-Bo
Now the wind's behind you son trash it
Look up keep it clean yeah laugh right on son right on
Get the kids and mama there's a wild man in the yard ooh
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