Tonga - Tamasi'tonga lyrics
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Tonga - Tamasi'tonga lyrics

Tamasi'i tonga
i see you watching me
and i know fo' shor
ho'o fielelei mai
the sunrise is so high
pea ke malimali mai
and that look tells me
that you want to be with me

Baby i knw that you like meh cum and tell me
dnt be so shy
baby plz just
lea mai
aki ho'o loto kotoa
moe atamai
i need to know
how you really
feel about me

shubbi dub duwub duwub do
shubbi dub duwub duwub do
shubbi dub duwub duwub do

you came up to me
and askd me for my name
fei'nga keu lue
but i knew we felt the same
holi ho loto
keu ofi kiho sino
and i said to myself
ofa'anga ia....

back to chorus

i know i see you watching meh
from sunrise to sunset
i know fo' shor you like meh
i know that for a big fact
your life for me is strong
its the one
the kind of luv that you want
and never can be torned
i know you want meh
i know you like meh
i know you wanna move your body
boy to my music
i wanna tell you
ofa'anga ia

back to chorus
repeat 2wice
..(fades till finished)

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