Loyal Ulstermen - Derrys Walls lyrics
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Loyal Ulstermen - Derrys Walls lyrics

Two hundred years ago
When Rebels on old Derry's Walls
Their faces dare not show
When James and all his rebel band
Came up to Bishops Gate
With heart and hand and sword and shield
We caused them to retreat.


Then fight and don't surrender

But come when duty calls,

With heart and hand and sword and shield

We'll guard old Derry's Walls.

The blood it did flow in crimson streams
Through many a winter's night
They knew the Lord was on their side
To help them in the fight
They only stood upon the walls
Determined for to fight,
To fight and gain the victory
And hoist the Crimson high;


At last, at last with one broadside
Kind heavens sent their aid
The boom that crossed Foyle was broke
And James he was dismayed
The Banner, boys that floated
Was run aloft with joy
God bless the hands that broke the boom
And saved the apprentice Boys

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