Fanny Brice - Second Hand Rose lyrics
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Fanny Brice - Second Hand Rose lyrics

Ev'rything from toothpicks, to a baby grand.
Stuff in our apartment, comes from Father's store,
Even things I'm wearing, someone wore before.
It's no wonder that I feel abused.
I never have a thing that ain't been used.

I'm wearing second hand hats, second hand clothes,
That's why they call me second hand Rose.
Even our piano in the parlor,
Father bought for ten cents on the dollar.
Second hand pearls, I'm wearing second hand curls,
I never got a single thing that's new.
Even Jake the plumber, he's the man I adore,
Had the nerve to tell me he's been married before.
Everyone knows that I'm just second hand Rose,
From second avenue.
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