Chris Brown - A Milli lyrics
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Chris Brown - A Milli lyrics

So I'm just
Supposed to say
Some corny ish?
Ha, ha

Uh, yezzir
It be that
It be that
It be
Breezy millionaire
Milli here
And milli in there
Selling out stadium
A millionaire chairs
Stepping on and off
Stage killing em
I got
A millionaire pairs
Of them all
White million airs
I am a beast
Rvery competition
Come please
Lock em up
Lock em up
Just put em
On freeze
Long ice
I'm doing things
That rappers
Don't like
And I am making
A milli (2x)
I am making
A millie (3x)
Getting money
Throw it up
And watch it
And when it
Comes down
It's like magnets
In my pocket
Damn I got it
And green diamonds
They swang
From my chest
Bigger a bigger
I think
The Hawks on my neck
A billion
Jay-Z, Weezy, Breezy
So what us million

Singing ni**as
Just chill
Cause I'm I'll

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