Perry Como - Caterina lyrics
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Perry Como - Caterina lyrics

Caa-taa-reenao' ho ho!
When we kisspurdy misspurdy miss
I'm in ecstasy! ( sisisi si! )

Caterinao' hoho ho! ( o' hoho ho! )
But when we kisspurdy misspurdy miss
Are you thinkin' of me? ( are you thinkin' of me? )

Caa-taa-reena! hahaha! ( hahaha! )
Just how long is the listis the list
Of the lips you kissed?
O' how happy my heart would be
If I knew that you loved just me
Say it's truesay ya do

< repeat all verses to end >

Say it's true ( say it's true! )
Say you do ( say you do! )
Caa-taa-ree ( caa-taa-reecaa-taa-reecaa-taa-ree ) na!
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