Ohiocrowman - Good-luck, Good-love, Good-bye lyrics
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Ohiocrowman - Good-luck, Good-love, Good-bye lyrics

Your heart possessed a precious love
That I seldom proved to be worthy of
I brought tears to your eyes; I told a bunch of lies,
And said a lot of things that I'll die regretting;

But now that you plan to marry another man...
I have to be the one... forgetting!

(Chorus I) Good-luck, good-love, good-bye
I never ever meant to make you cry
It wasn't my plan, to turn you to another man
But I did and I don't know why.

Now I do regret, and you can bet,
I wish I had gave it a better try.
But if your love for me is gone,
I'll just have to move along.
Good-luck, good-love, good-bye!

So now I drive around... on the finer side of town.
I have sold a few songs, finally!
I have my choice of fine girls, with their short skirts and their curls,
But I know that they will never mean a thing to me.

They ask me why I cry, I tell them that I'll miss you till I die.
My pain I cannot hide!
And they love my Rolls Royce, but I can tell by their voice,
That they're only along for the ride!

(Chorus II) Good-luck, good-love, good-bye
I even stopped getting, 'high'
I've wasted too many tears, cryin in my beers;
Five years now, I've been dry.

Sorry your marriage didn't last, you jumped too fast
Sometimes, I still wonder, why?
And if we ever cross paths again;
I doubt you'll see me grin,
Good-luck, good-love, good-bye!
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