Ohiocrowman - When Eddie Came Marching Home lyrics
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Ohiocrowman - When Eddie Came Marching Home lyrics

When my brother came marching home from Nam, hoorah, hoorah!
He found that his lady had married another man, haroo, haroo!
His whole world was shattered, and torn all apart,
Nothing else mattered, she'd broken his heart.
It was so darn tragic...
When Eddie came marching Home

When a friend of mine came marching back from Desert Storm
It seemed that noone 'cept family appreciated his uniform.
He said that if his fighting for freedom meant no more to us,
He wished he had stayed on that "dog-gone" (Grey hound) bus,
And had just kept on going...
When he marched back from Desert Storm

When a man I know, came wheeling back from overseas
A road-side bomb had taken both of his legs, below the knees.
It has taken a while, but he's regained his pride.
He still gives a salute to all of his friends who has died.
He held his head up, proudly...
When he wheeled back from overseas

Today, another soldier died, in South Irac
Like too many men before him, he's not marching back!
Just a young man, in the prime of his life,
He's leaving behind a small child and a wife.
God rest all of our heros...
Who has fallen in So. Irac

Today, I pray, there'll come a day; all war will cease!
That someday we will find a way to gain World Peace.
If it says in the Bible that thou shalt not kill,
Why in the world does man's blood have to spill?
We should all be praying...
For the day all war will cease
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