Ohiocrowman - St. Jude lyrics
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Ohiocrowman - St. Jude lyrics

St. Jude, we feel so sad.
Our dear girl child, is not getting better.
Her cancer may take our precious child's life.
We're filled with strife! Please make her better.

St. Jude, we're Not afraid.
We know that you'll try to make her better.
The moment, we saw the smile on your face,
We felt God's grace, and knew she'd get better.

Bridge I. Still, too many children die in-vane. You're not to blame.
You carry their weight upon your shoulders!
You're doing all you can do, St. Jude, it's true,
By making their lives so much more hopeful.Na-na-na-na, Na-na-na-na!

St. Jude, don't wear a frown!
Many children, are getting better!
Your Doctors have helped our little child cope.
It gave us hope! And now she's better!

Bridge 2. Let's all save another child's smile, if just a while,
Who's hoping soon someday, to be homeward.
And God, He knows that it's just you, St. Jude, bless you!
You carry their lives upon your shoulders Na-na-na-na, Na-na-na-na!

St. Jude, needs your help, too!
Treatment Research costs so much money.
If only, you've got ten dollars to spare,
Show that you care. Help save our children!

Yes, if only, you've got ten dollars to give,
A child may live, and may get better, better, better, better...
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