Eddy Arnold - The Richest Man (in The World) lyrics
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Eddy Arnold - The Richest Man (in The World) lyrics

One, two, three, four
One, two, three, four

I got a humpack mule
A plow, and a tater patch
Eggs that are gonna hatch someday
I got my Lord above and
A good girl to love me
I'm the richest man in the world

Thank you, thank you, Lord above
For smiling down on me
I'm richer now than any man
Has any right to be

Health and love and happiness
Have been my cup of tea
The richest man in all creation
Surely, it is me


I've got water in my well
And heaven in my heart
I have a perfect woman
I can trust when we're apart

Cash enough to see a show
And eat out now and then
A roof, a bed, a fishing pole
And folks who call me friend


I don't have bank account
My cash on hand is small
But tell me, what are riches
But contentment after all

Other folks may think I'm poor
But I know it's not so
Cause when I count my blessings
I'm the richest man I know


Now the rich folks talk
About the grub they eat
Now I've got all those
Rich folks beat

Cause I've got a
Field of yellow yams
And a smokehouse filled
With country hams

Talk to me about caviar
They ain't nothing but
Fish eggs packed in a jar
I got a whole pond
Of big, round trout
Fish eggs, what are
They talking about

I got no fancy swimming pool
But the creek in the woods
Is deep and cool
I'm a lucky man
I'm a lucky fool
I'm wealthy, I'm wealthy

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