Jimmy Buffett - Beautiful Swimmers lyrics
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Jimmy Buffett - Beautiful Swimmers lyrics

Marilyn Monroe did a night shoot in a pool;
Posing naked for a playboy spread.
She was old, but she still was cool.

When they wrapped right after midnight
And the crew went to the bar,
Norma Jean just did a backstroke,
Like she was reaching for a falling star.

Beautiful swimmers,
Know how to move.
Gliding 'cross the water,
Like a steel guitar

Beautiful swimmers,
Stay in the groove.
Riding constant currents,
Near and Far.

Standing in a tidal pool just east of Baltimore,
Watching little blue crabs navigate the eastern shore.
Every bayou, stream, and river, in time runs to the sea.
Every tadpole, flounder, and soft-shell feels the choreography.

Beautiful swimmers,
They know how to move.
Sneaking pass the draggers and the oyster bars.

Beautiful swimmers,
Just feel the groove.
Painting liquid brushstrokes,
Like Renoir.

I miss my dorsal fin,
I can't explain.
I'm a big fish out of water,
Dwelling on the coastal plain.

Now if I was as rich as the Aga Khan,
I'll tell you what I would do.
Buy every man, woman, and child on this planet,
A mask and a snorkel too.

Then I'd lead that wild migration;
Destination Wyo May Bay.
Then we'd splash our way around the World,
Life is just a water ballet.

Come on you beautiful swimmers,
You know how to move.
Let's glide across the water
Like a steel guitar.

Beautiful swimmers,
Stay in the groove.
Catching constant currents,
Near and far.
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