Michael Schenker Group - Walk The Stage lyrics
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Michael Schenker Group - Walk The Stage lyrics

Dream on, dream on, your time has come
You've done the best you could because you'd been gone so long
The journeys over now my friend

Do you see clear when all appears
Your heroe's may light your nights but still, it's only you they hear
So come walk the stage with me tonight

Rock will never die
We've known better
You've known all your lives
Armed and ready now gonna rock the town.
To see you marching in, I am so proud I feel just like a king
Until we take the bow
You know who's gonna win

Who calls the tune
I really wonder who
'cos you've set your sights so high tonight, you always know you could
No way that rock could ever die when you call the tune
A million voices cry out!

As the echo's fade
They've nothing more to say,you'd set your sights so high tonight
Live for another day
The saga never seems to end
Live for another day
There's time' cos rock is here to stay!

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