Joe Budden - Going Through The Motions lyrics
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Joe Budden - Going Through The Motions lyrics

If the charge is goin through the motions
Then I gotta plead guilty
If the sentence don't do it
Then this ??? it should kill me
Was told my options in this game was either death or prison
But I registered enough cash to change the repetition
Unknown they still don't know what to make of me
Rather than attempt it's much easier to say "Fuck me"
They fake love me, observed and they judge me
Falsely as a rapper in the body of a case study
In my world even sure bets are not certain
Cause you'll get the picture then find out its the cropped version
Everything froze when they ran on me with Glocks squirtin'
So if time waits for nobody I doubt your clock's workin'
I told them buckle up, they said the ride's over
I put myself in other shoes they called him bi-polar (TALK TO EM)
But that only discredits what I'm tryna do
And you'll figure that out the moment you stop tryin to

On everything I love, right hand on the Bible
A Koran, be on whatever religion you suscribe to
I'm going through the motions like a drive-by
Wait too many rules in this bitch I won't abide by
Uhhh, on pace, never stagnant
Only give em a fraction, this is a re-enactment
Don't believe what you see we just actin'
Or am I just rehashin'?
Truthfully am I goin through the motions?
Or are they goin through me?

Check it, I'm just goin through the motions, born alone, die alone
The result of playin angry birds on this iPhone
Buyin some shots with some vicodin pop
That have you tell old girl you love her when you just like her a lot
I'm askin, how you gon' move forward, how you handle the pain?
If you leave behind more than you ever stand to gain
Same type of bitches in a different disguise
Focusin on my old hoes as a sure way to make a quick endeavor
Ain't got an X that wouldn't rather be a different letter
That's how I end up in the words war
??? and continue to blame me and say they deserve more
But whatever my issue, the fattest ass is like a cure to me
Comes with a career path that never seems pure to me
When they say they model I'm not thinkin its for jealousy and security,
entitlement, possessiveness, obscurity
Just goin through the motions, could tell I been here
It's so routine to me you would think that it's sincere
Screamin out somebody help
Destiny made a mistake and gave my fate to somebody else
Still I'm walkin round, hat low, holier than now
Just cause hoes be on my dial and they know me up in ???
Just goin through the motions, but I do it in an armored truck
That way when I crash instead of spazzin I'll be calm as fuck

I'm goin' through the motions, least I'm doin' it sober
Can't tell if I'm goin' alone or bein' chauffeured
The drivers on no rest, with no destination
Can't tell if this the test or its the preparation
Here's a message to the haters tryna stampede
You wanna kill the kid, you'll need a plan B
Voices in my head soundin' louder than the banshee
Callin' me a character, this ain't sponsored by Stan Lee
Uhhh, a pitfall of being famous
Sometimes you need a minute alone to get reacquainted
Spent so much time complainin bout the hand I was dealt
I damn near forgot how the mansion felt
Forgot what led me hear, forgot my history
Forgot I was a addict, forgot what that did to me
Forgot to count the cards, forgot how to deal
I was goin through the motions and they all, became, real

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