Parry Gripp - Pygmy Theme lyrics
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Parry Gripp - Pygmy Theme lyrics

Pygmies, they live in paradise their pygmies. You think it would be nice
but their always, falling, into the, volcano.

Pygmies, they eat coconuts on a island, but they gotta watch their butts
cause their lightning, (lightning) and zombies, (zombies) and earthquakes,
(earthquakes) and monsters (monsters)
Iow don 't know where the gods flick them away, but the pygmies return, to
face, another day. YEA!

(guitars playing)

When their not, crushed by a metor or a T-rex, there a one minute speast
there a reflex! To feel safe, but they never are, NO!

Dark clouds in the sky, sharks in the sea won't take away their will to
be... to be...EE!
Pygmies (x7)
Pygmies, hey hey hey
Pygmies, Hey!
Pygmies, Hey! Pygmies Hey, Pygmies hey, PYGMIES!

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