50 Cent - Come Over Tonight lyrics
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50 Cent - Come Over Tonight lyrics

as we proceed
to gi you what you need
50 cent
[Chorus]Girl you already know I want you
I heard you doin the things you said you won't do
when you done playin games, you can come through
and be a freak for me baby
Girl come over tonight
[Verse 1]Girl come ova
I wanna show ya
what ya bin missing
shawty now listen
first we get to kissin
my key in your ignition
then we switch positions (Haha)
you know how I like it
I like it how you like it
treat me like a ninja
switch gears when you ride it
faster and faster and faster and faster
that's right, girl come and get it tonight
she miss me
I aint seein her in a minute
that porn star stamina, when a nigga in it
got her sprung on me
she gotta thang for Fifty
she be all on the kid when she hangin with me
see in the candy shop, I'm the candy maaan
an in there, she get to licking me as much as she can
when I return the favour she like baby damn
position into position, I get into it listen
first missionary, doggy style
cow girl going wild
kiss nigga on the neck
erything drippin wet
yeah I do that correct
you like that as much I like that baby

yeah ok

[Verse 2]Shawty when you come over
I know JUST what to do
girl to make you feel right
soon as I know ya
ready for some action
we can get it on tonight
I wanna show ya
things you aint never seen
girl you're just my type
you know I know ya
gone come be a freak
for me when you come tonight
I want you to show me what you know
but I'mma treat ya knew tricks
introduce you to my ghetto con man suit tricks
close your eyes
imagine being stress free
open your eyes, between your thighs
and baby that's me
when I push the pressure and pleaure
it's so hard to measure
you leavin me on your mind
cause no body do it better
the intensity is so real
it's damn shawty hold still
then it's back to the action
baby you know the drill
climb on
ride on the rider
work it out lil momma
till when you missin again
I sayin I gotta fine her
the phone ring
never mine it
the hennessy in that chronic
make my stroke bionic
I know just how you wannit

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