Trae - Outro (tha Blackprint) lyrics
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Trae - Outro (tha Blackprint) lyrics

Featuring DJ Scream

You know The Blackprint
And everything my nigga Trae do
Just watch it right here
It’s dedicated to King Dee Kee
We the homie King Dee Kee
It’s dedicated to Thugman
It’s dedicated to all the fallen soldiers
Rest in peace to all them fallen soldiers
Rest in peace Dee Kee D
The Blackprint
Be on the lookout for The Blackprint tour coming soon
Trae Tha Truth, DJ Scream
And oh yea, this just a warm up
New Trae Tha Truth album coming soon
It’s The Blackprint nigga, streets on fire
DJ Scream hurry Chim and Chi
Salute and I’m signing out

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