Bob Dylan - Acne lyrics
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Bob Dylan - Acne lyrics

doo wha. doo wha
doo doo doo wha x7 wahhhh!
s'posed to do wha? mhmm
doo doo wha x11
doo wha!?
you said you'd ask me
you said you'd ask me
you said you'd ask me
to the senior prom! (say somethin')
found out i had acne
now you won't ask me
'cuz i have acne
to the senior prom
doo doo doo wha x5
doo doo doo whaaaaaa?
doo wha? x3
get me a shotgun
.22 rifle (doo wha!)
dooo whhaa!!
i got it for my birthday
i'll kill my parents
cuz they don't understand
they don't dig a teenager at all
dooooo wha wha wha wha wha wha wha

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