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Sizzla - Strong lyrics


Yeah, you got to get going
no time to be sittin down
some people not knowing life is a cycle
you gotta know how to get around
whoo! haaa!

Yes you got to be strong
and be all the best you can
the world is out there conquer your fears
and don't you wait too long (x2)

Verse 1
Hi! How ya doin?
Long time I haven't seen you
hope your're behaving yourself now
like a good behaving citizen
nothing comes easy
you gotta work what I'm telling you
hope and pray for the best
cause I believe in you
not like the stereotypes
cleanliness intriguing you
give thanks and praise for my life
and for us being here
children can't go to school the system killing us
there's good in us
and we always wanna be bringin (it) out
show the world what we got
the struggle continues, yow
check the conditions in which we're living, yow
ain't no one come giving, yow
got to work to be a winner
our children going to bed
without having their dinner


Verse 2
People all filled with expecations
that's fine with me
opportunity comes but once
so its time for me
I don't think of failure because the sun shines for me
something in the back of my head keeps reminding me
give a listening, yuh hear?
When I call
there's good and bad
so just be good and stand tall
a lot of people out there wish for me to fall
I'm not scared,
I pray to He who have created us all
evils and the demons, whoo
I don't stuck with them
hey they don't like me
hey, what's up with them?
I just can't do without Jah love because it's like the
I'm no in no folly
I don't inna no crap with them


Verse 1

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