Sizzla - Take Myself Away lyrics
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Sizzla - Take Myself Away lyrics

Verse 1

You're still taking what's not yours
greedy though you got more
switching on me now
snitching on me now
picking up dirty attitudes
what's yuh future?
Then I'm not sure
now you lurks on every corner
trying to make a dollar from dem quarters
thought you were my friend
give yuh a helping hand
proved to be my enemy you can't even trust anyone


I've got to take myself away
from all these things that's hurting me
I've got to make my life so free
seems you don't want nothing good for real (x2)

Verse 2

I waste no time on you
not behaving yourself having a crime on you
now there's a fine on you
now tell me what you gon' do?
Willing to help you and I don't want you to see
the stupid things you do I just can't believe
seems you don't know what you really need
take heed remember
life here isn't so sweet
I was there to motivate you
seems you don't appreciate it
what is it that generate you?
To do the bad things you do I really hate it

Chorus (x1)

Verse 3

The world is getting dangerous
sickeness and disease so very contagious
all these bad things happening just ain't for us
can't help us out, can you pray for us?
I've got to protect my life
I've got love myself
my heart cries within me
love and respect that's what you should be giving me
when you hate each other you don't know what you're
doing to me
if I ah love this fi replenish surely ruling me

Chorus (x2)

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