Sizzla - Hard Ground lyrics
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Sizzla - Hard Ground lyrics


Let H.I.M. be sanctified

Hey whoa oh whoa oh

check how di vibes all ah flow

how di ghetto youths dem ah grow

so much love


Hard grounds no sound from di suffering

who collect di pounds to keep dem bound from di

Hey hard ground, cold ground for di suffering

hey dem bounce wi about, throw wi down

yet wi still striving (x2)

Verse 1

Then ah who gi di ghetto youth gun

fi dem roam all di street every day and night?

Check ah which way di nozzle dem turn

mi ah tell unno seh trigger happy ever waan strife

nuff ah bawl 'Cree!'

too late fi guh flee

by chance if yuh keep all yuh life

before di day could done, nuff a dem gone

stop all di war and strife

where are the so called leaders

who pollute and corrupt all di place?

Yow di nowadays bleeders, back door dealers

who put di youths dem to waste

di devil's receivers they always ah cheat

just step pon di things dem create

woee, strive now

mi see seh day Babylon ah fake


Their feelings manifest what is so real

hoping not for the innocent but who?

Shall we surely feel

I can see outpouring wrath

its not concealed

time fi equal rights and justice

not fi corn meal

I know they don't know where they're going

long before now Rastafari dem see and know everything

they go confused within this modern system

you've received the prize, was it rewarding?


Verse 3

Home on yuh own alone wid mother and child

yet father missing

man stand up and play yuh role

mi haffi do my own, cyaan do it fi him

have yuh ever heard di cries of boys and girls

every time when hungry ah ring?

Tears full mamma eye everyone know why

she alone haffi do di jugglin, yeah

some guys organise and ah mek bare noise

and not one thing dem ah bring

mama well qualified education alright

fi her way not a job can swing

when she touch pon base and look pon di fence

stress keep on coming

is a heavy piece a weight when she push all di gate

like di struggling just begin


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