Sopor Aeternus - Where The Ancient Laurel Grows lyrics
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Sopor Aeternus - Where The Ancient Laurel Grows lyrics

I wish that he and I at least once in a While
had something small in common ...- a secret, if you
But there's no common ground here, not a single thing
we share,
on the same Planet we live, but in two different

He clearly did not like me,
that part was plain to see,
the very moment that he laid his grey Eyes on me,
His buff, muscular body
like the old cliché Marine,
Oh, not too many times before
(thank goodness) have I seen...

So much contemp on a single white Man's face,
his Fists were cluteched so tightly that his brute
left bleeding Marks in the rouch palms on his Hands...-
all just to ensure that we would never become friends!

If I felt like jesting now,
which, believe me, I am not,
I might compare his red face to a boiling teapot,
or an old Locomotive,
far too quickly building up steam,
its mightly Kettle seen to expolode, if he finds no
quick Release.

Do you think it's strange of me to hope someday he will
marry me,
or at least feel the strongest need to hold me when I
fall & bleed?
Oh, I wish that he and I were just a little more alike,
or had a tiny Thing in common ...- oh, wouldn't that be

Yes, he sleeps nakedly, while I always sleep fully
He is full of Life, I am mostly depressed.
I guess, that's why I wish that he would want to take a
walk with me
through lonely Fields of Sorrow, the only place I've
ever seen...

In vagued Daydreams I'm dreaming about Stains of his
put precisely on me, more as a ... "theory".
Sometimes I wish that He would fondly think of me
each time he strokes his Penis...- or when the Clock
strickes Three.

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