C - Makes You Blind lyrics
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C - Makes You Blind lyrics

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Rap like hell make it should like heaven
7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 zero
Black supermen is back as your hero

Here ye, here yo, America the beautiful
Beautiful, the plentiful, now lookin' sorta pitiful
A third of the world at war, wait a minute
Gotta take care of the rock if y'all wanna live in it

Medicine and medicare 'cause they don't care
Your favorite millionaire is high up in the air
See 'em every where but they ain't there
So rally and protest against the world in fear

People, people can we take it to the square
You don't matter and they don't mind
These be the things that makes ya blind

Uh, pimp or preach, same thing
Nothin' worse than a new black church
Lyin' on the truth 'cause it hurts

Black man came first
In the sweet name of Jesus
Cost me a dollar at the flow of creflo
Like how the hell he supposed to know

I see they ass

Runnin' to the radio
And the TV issues and views
Shaped by one sided news
Got us like planet of the apes
Under CDs and tapes

Preachy young cats askin' ol heads
Teach me over beats that reach me
Radiation of a radio TV movie nation
On your goddamn mind makes ya blind

You don't matter and they don't mind
These be the things that makes ya blind

Now y'all keep on bouncin' to what I said
These are the facts that gonna blow your head
Y'all know what I said when I say no to thugs
Thug life runs at the top and y'all thought it was pac

These government gangsters maki'n robots
Who forgot hypnotic in a 2000 by 3000 mile box
35 year old's lost in a X box

PlayStation and videos

So that's how it goes

World begins and ends at the tip of your nose
It ain't Eminem, it's M & M & M
McDonald MTV and Microsoft, can't you see
They got the young strung at a cost

Yes that treacherous 3 go off, go off

You don't matter and they don't mind
And these be the things that makes ya blind

So I pray to God, life and health
Feel like I got a church in myself
So I jump back and kiss myself

Cutbacks lookout, can't get no help
Hands in the air, Bush and Blair don't care
While the unaware, they just stare

This nation said screw the organization
Of the united nations, cross TV stations
And they sent to the masses
They consider them asses

Take a look at the world
Another son of a bush disaster do the math
'Cause the loudest they comin' after
These same cats who wiped out half of Africa

And you don't know the half
Have nots robbed by the haves
Signin' new money like signin' autographs
McDonald billions sold, America billions told

Houston we have a problem isn't this a bitch
When I wanna hear blues, I turn on the news
See the rich get richer and the poor keep bitchin'
Buckle down, knuckle up when times is rough

You don't matter and they don't mind
These be the things that makes ya blind
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