Conejo - Gang Affiliated lyrics
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Conejo - Gang Affiliated lyrics

Thats Right Homie I always Got that motherfuckin gangsta shit west los style baby what you vatos got on me nada step the fuck back whats the damn deal if im keeping it real ese got game bout to put on my steel long awaited i know you stood at the gate but i never be taught planning shit and my loss jura die its that better describe me long away on the ground with your body you bribe me lets get it on i roll deep inside then scoop 30 flix to my perros inside ima flip it like some kids on dope my guns on your ass while you grabbing a stroke imagine that we make weeding arrangements you said you my baby but im just too crazy took control of my life im granted for life ima scoop like an eagle in the bird an eagle with my dawgs from the bunch with a 4 5 gap put a slug in a buster just for turnin his back

I be gang affiliated till the day i die
vatos quieren guerra til the murders multiply
where you from homie you best to know dog
its the killer form the west lowriding through the park
i be gang affiliated i know you hate it i know you with my lady but you let me penetrate it i be gang affiliated i know you hate it im that loc´d down vato finger fuckin your lady

thats right girl you need a gangster like me not a funny style vato with no hustle for money i said gaile all you bitch run quick and your low pro car lets go drop of a brick i be robbin your click all the bitches mean nada we´ll be fuckin tonight at the local remada in the shower on the floor on the bed by the door the bottle chroniac and your glass gets poured you talk all the shit but you never could lead me it be the final episode that you had in the evening fuck that i could do you like that shot caller baller dark grey impala throwing gang signs twenty five years old i go back to your baby as the story unfold but for now ill be reppin my turf while these fake ass gangas on the serio get hurt

behind enemy lines its a collabos with death girl i got you horny till they fucking your breasts you hit a brick wall tryna do my bitch i got a smart ass bitch with a body on hit i was sprung on a pussy i aint think about dying show me cold hands and the buddhas start flying ah must see the ecstasy got the spanish speaking ladies getting next to me ese ninety nine ways to make a moan got my hand on my cock grown sex in the zone last time that you felt so hot and good we experiment together someone parked in the a hood we was kids now we grown i got mine you got yours aint seen you in a while lets make love on the floor we drink coronas and ima roll that weed baby hopin when i bust i could plant that seed

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