Thunder - Move On lyrics
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Thunder - Move On lyrics

I get the feeling, this ain't the way it used to be
I can tell it from the way you're throwing everything
at me
It's been bringing me down so long
Think I need a change
Every time we fight you wanna wreck my place
I've reached the limit, I'm sick of your face

So move on baby
You've gotta move on now
Now the time has come
It's time that you were gone
So move on baby
you've gotta move on

We only stayed together 'cause there wasn't nothing
better to do
Sooner or later it would have happened and you know it
Ain't no use in our hanging on, to a dream that died
Fools forsaken baby, I guess we did
We've gotta stop or one of us is dead

So move on baby
You've gotta move on now
We've got something but it's surely no love
Won't need no statement
I know I've had enough
So move on baby
Move on now, yeah

You know you're not the only pretty woman in town, oh
And I know I'm not the man that you really want
So go where you wanna be girl
Move along

Come on get out the door

I don't think I've ever heard a sound as loud as you
can scream
And my neighbour looks at me like he heard most
Oh Yeah
That was then and baby, this is now
And as the curtain falls
Don't you worry, you don't have to shed no tears
Just get your pants and get on out of here

And move on baby
It's time to move on now
Keep on walking baby, don't look back
You'll get your claws into another man

Move on baby
You've gotta move on now, HA
Move it on baby
You've gotta move on
Come on, get out the door, yeah
It's time you was on your way
Packed your bags and baby
I've got your ticket
Get out the door
Move it on

So long, farewell, adios and sayonara baby

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