Tiger Lillies - Deathless Man lyrics
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Tiger Lillies - Deathless Man lyrics

I've been in the car the car that was smashed, I've been
on the motorbike that crashed
I had me the cancer and the heart attack, I've been shot
in the head I've been stabbed in the back
Deathless man to life forever damnedÂ…
I'm a hundred and twenty and I'm feeling fine, my family
and friends have been dead for some time
I guess you could say that life is unkind, the longer I
see it with the passing of time
I'm a deathless man to life forever damned
Once I was dead but I was sent back, that's when I saw
something blacker than black
Now I'm immortal never in time as was decreed by the
divine - the swine
I'm a deathless man to life forever damned

I've had my throat had my throat cut, but then my throat
just healed up
An iron bar smashed over my head it should have killed me
but I am not dead
I'm a deathless man with life forever damned
Forever damnedÂ… a deathless manÂ…

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