Walkin' Jim Stoltz - Pika Pika lyrics
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Walkin' Jim Stoltz - Pika Pika lyrics

C Am F G
1) Up in the rocks, where nobody goes,
C Am F G
Half the year, all covered with snow.
C Am F G
You don't eat much so you get by,
C Am F G
Snug in your den eating your alpine pie!
Chorus: C Am F G
Pika, pika, show me your face,
C Am F G
I know you're out there but I can't see no trace,
C Am F G
Stick out your nose and come on out,
C Am F

'Cause when I hear your little....eeek, eeek, eeek,
I know you're about!
The first time I saw you I was up on the peak,
Imagine my surprise when I heard that squeak,
At first I thought it had to be a toy,
But then I saw you, and I jumped for joy.
I'd like to live, as you do,
Watchin' the clouds as they blow right on through,
Livin' in the rocks, just like the Flintstones,
High and happy in your mountain home.
You look so happy up there in them rocks,
But I know you're watchin' for that hungry ol' fox,
'Cause when I come by to take a peek,
You run for cover with your squeak, squeak, squeak.
(Final Chorus)

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