Walkin' Jim Stoltz - Big Fat Fish lyrics
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Walkin' Jim Stoltz - Big Fat Fish lyrics

Am G Am G
1) Out in the wilds, where the water runs clean,
Am G Am G
It's clear and cold in the mountain streams,
Am G Am G
I saw the flash of a fin, and a shiney gleam,
Am E
I said that's not a fish it's a submarine.
Am G F E
Chorus: He's a big fat fish, big and bold,
Am G F E
A big fat fish, he likes his water cold,
Am G F E
He's a big fat fish, swimming about,

Am G F E Am
A big fat fish, he's a mighty bull trout.
2) He's got an appetite, put a whale to shame
He'll eat fish or ducks, or a bug chow mein,
There's a tidal wave when he wiggles his tail,
If you weighed that boy he'd break your scale.
3) He needs the wild rivers, and I think it's clear,
Lots of trees, both far and near,
They keep the water cool and give it shade,
When he's splashing there he's got it made.
4) A big bull trout is one of a kind,
Search high and low, but you'll never find,
A mighty fish like him, sakes alive,
Keep it wild and he will survive.

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