Tuxedomoon - L'etranger lyrics
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Tuxedomoon - L'etranger lyrics

I was born today
There were strangers there
Cut me off
and left me in a chloroformed cell
I yelled and i yelled
But nobody cared
First day of school
I lost my front teeth
Boys beat me up cause
I wasn't one of them
I fought til i bled
and everyone was scared
Yeah everyone was scared
It isn't my fault
That i'm strange
I wasn't good at kickball
I wasn't good at girls
I used to make a habit of peeing in my pants
Cause i was scared and i could'nt dance
and nobody cared but i learned
Today i'm glad to say
I'm just like to rest
Anonyme is best
Anonyme is best
and life grows stranger every day
Has anybody dared to be more that dead
It isn't my faul
That i'm strange
Mother died today
Or maybe yesterday
I don't know i don't know i don't know
Got to ask my boss to let me go
At the funeral they expected me to cry
Well i did'nt
I don't know
I don't know
Everybody's staring at me now
What's gone to their heads
It isn't my fault
That i'm strange
I'm strange i'm strange i'm strange
I'm the stranger
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