Tiger Lillies - Car Thief lyrics
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Tiger Lillies - Car Thief lyrics

I steal your car any time of day
And by this time tomorrow it's been resprayed
I will steal your car, do you wanna make a date?
By this time tomorrow I'll have changed the plates
Car thief
They say that I'm a menace, on the street no car is safe
I'll ship it abroad, sales outlets are in place
And all you motherfuckers you are all insured
So a little inconvenience I'm sure you can endure
Well I suppose my crimes go in the pecking orders low
In and out of prison all the time I seem to go
I suppose the fact that I get caught shows I'm a bit slow
But the judge said I'm a social menace you know
I started as a plumber but my pipes would always leak
I tried a little carpentry but ended up a thief
So now a prison sentence is a hazard I must face
But I'm getting pretty close to buying my own place
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