Tiger Lillies - Con Man lyrics
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Tiger Lillies - Con Man lyrics

I love you, I tell them, I can smell that they are rich
A smile, a kind word, and some charm she loves me, stupid
If they have a husband then I'm out of the woods
A little con I play on them the money oh so good
Make them believe I have a scam I play upon their greed
Let them have the ideas and then on them I feed
So the wife she loves me the husband's money take
Oh the fun of it a con man on the make
Yet the strangest thing of all an orphan am I
My father killed my mother, you know the reason why
Because my father and my mother a con man did them have
My mother fell in love with him and he conned my dad
And when my father he found out my mother he did kill
Though she thought the scam was legit he gave it to her
Then he turned the gun on himself and dropped down dead
While I lay hidden underneath the bed
But the strangest thing of all was I followed his career
The man who killed my mother and my father dear
So now I hang around in bars my next victim to find
Just like the man who robbed my father blind
And as I perform my scam I even use his name
The man on whom my parents' death is blamed
So round and round the pattern goes, life it is a game
Round and round it goes but it always stays the same
Maybe in a way I am gaining my revenge
Conning other people their death to avenge
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