Tiger Lillies - Cannibal lyrics
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Tiger Lillies - Cannibal lyrics

To eat consenting adults, this they call a crime
I eat them if they ask me, and this to me seems fine
If someone wants in an oven to be a roast
My duty is to cook them as a perfect host
If someone wants me to them slowly cook
Why is my liberty now forsook?
It seems to me that if our society was free
To eat a willing adult, allowed I should be
And if for human flesh I have a taste
I should be free that choice to make
But such freedom is just for dreams
Society controls each and everything
Anything which seems a little strange
Has the consequence of punishment, the consequence of
Oh you must behave, oh you must conform
Oh you must adhere to the norm
So what two consenting adults do require
Is only permissible to conformist desires
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