Tiger Lillies - Family Killer lyrics
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Tiger Lillies - Family Killer lyrics

So I kill my mother, father, wife and daughter too
I turn the gun on me, my brains I'll blow out too
But then the gun it jammed on me the carnage I had
Then I'm left to stare at death so should I lay a wreath
My family all lie dead now dead at my feet
I am left to mourn them this carnage I have wreaked
So the guilt and shame now it starts to rise
I am left to stare at what I've done with surprise
The red mist had risen, their murder did ensue
All the souls that I loved I murdered through and through
Sometimes I still wonder why blood spilled
The claustrophobic hate I suppose me must have filled
After I had murdered them myself I tried to kill
Now I'm in this prison cell with despair I'm filled
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