Tiger Lillies - Behind Baas lyrics
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Tiger Lillies - Behind Baas lyrics

So to slit your throat my love, authorities allow
But to make love, to punishment must bow
When we made love orgasmic was your bleat
Now I'm in this prison cell bloodied, bowed and weak
Mocked and vilified, "sheep fucker" they shout
So humiliated, mocking, knocking me about
So for my perversion punishment it shocks
For here in Hell itself I am a laughing stock
For my harmless love which other people eat
Oh when we made love happy was your bleat
I must now be punished for what you call a crime
While you will slit a sheep's throat, eat her with your
So I'm in this prison for your morality
As long as you represent the majority
Mocked and vilified because I don't conform
To what authorities consider is the norm
So while I am allowed to kill and eat your flesh
A criminal offence it is with you to have sex
Baa baa baa baa get back behind bars
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