Tiger Lillies - Albatross 3 lyrics
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Tiger Lillies - Albatross 3 lyrics

So the saviour is killed
and for a while depends
The jury it will be out
from fair weather friends
No matter how barbarous
if the wind blows fair
For a murdered saviour
nobody will care
Because each one
in selfishness does live
While their interests are fulfilled
in evil they'll forgive
So the murdered albatross
crocodile the tears
With the wind the mariner
has nothing to fear
But when they are becalmed
then they seek revenge
Then their morality
it must be avenged
Then their saviour's memory
then they do respect
And hang the albatross
around the mariner's neck
Becalmed the albatross avenged
Albatross hangs round his neck
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