Wildhearts - Dangerlust lyrics
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Wildhearts - Dangerlust lyrics

whenever I'm on top there's someone trying to take me down {wah wah}
they say I've got to tag along to all this shit that's going 'round
best times of my life sometimes I spend alone (impress me)
I can never trust in you so how could you deserve me
I'm poor, make me hot, give me glory or not, I'm sick of being
they say that I never could be a something
climb on a job without putting me down
if I don't get nothing but I stay down then
when I try... by... set my... self under
[chew] on nobody else
[love hunger]
ever tried being yourself?
[love hunger]
give me some time on my own
('cos I wonder)
leave me a long... hair... yeah... heh...
honey turn the TV down
I get a [ride/line] on their saying, and pass it around
if it works for you, it'll work for us, so
gimme a little dangerlust
gimme a little dangerlust

d-d-d-dayglo buffaloes blew me away
stranger the eye was 'tween the dust and the day
mile-high sweet as [tie] show me a sign
I'm smiling away 'cos I know that it's mine
gimme a little dangerlust
{mellow-sky-babies-style outro}
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