Wildhearts - Girlfriend Clothes lyrics
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Wildhearts - Girlfriend Clothes lyrics

you look so good in your girlfriend clothes, you're gonna score tonight for sure
dressed in case all your worn out chat don't really get them hot, what!
do they want they can have your body, your picture on your wall
let them know that you're really something (those bitches are right for jumping)
I hear ageing lines abound, try the lost and found
you look so good in your girlfriend clothes
you're irresistible, you're irresistible
you smell so sweet and you've got the pose
and you stick right out from all the other Joes, you're irresistible

it's getting late and you're so frustrated, four hours and not one bite
old Mrs Palm and her five young daughters is all you'll get tonight, right!
[grab/caress] some friends maybe throw some insults at some longhair all alone
call him a fag as he goes to meet his girlfriend waiting home
ba-ba do-ba-do ba-ba, do-ba-do ba-ba do-ba ta-ta ta-ta ta-ta
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