Tommy Makem - Black Cavalry lyrics
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Tommy Makem - Black Cavalry lyrics

In the first of my downfall I put out the door
And I straight made my way on for Carrick-on-shore
Going out by Rathronan 'twas late in the night
Going out the west gate for to view the gaslight
Raddily fol-the-diddle-I
Raddily fol-the-diddle-air-oh
There I met with a youth and I unto him said
'Would you kindly direct me to where I'll get a bed?'
It was then he directed me down to Cook's Lane
And to where old Buck Sinjin (St. John) kept an old
sleeping cage
Then I put up and down 'till I found out the door
And the missus came out and these words to me said
'If you give me three coppers I'll give you a bed'
Then she took me upstairs and she put out the light
And in less than five minutes I had to show fight
In less than five more, sure the story was worse
For the fleas came about me and brought me a curse
Oh, 'twas all 'round my body they formed an arch
And 'twas all 'round my body they played the death march
Oh the bloody old major gave me such a nip
That he nearly had taken the use of my hip
Now I'm going to my study these lines to pen down
And if any poor traveler should e'er come to town
If any poor traveler be knighted like me
Oh, beware of Buck Sinjin and the black cavalry
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