White Heart - Ritual lyrics
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White Heart - Ritual lyrics

Hush boy oh it's not polite
To ask if what I'm doing is right
I don't see why it matters to you
I just do what I do what I do what I do
It's my ritual
I'm from a long long line of my next of kin
No one knows how it all began
It's not for me to understand
I just do it again and again
It's my ritual
Oh it's a trend
Oh don't you bend
Queue up again
Numb to the beat
Shuffle your feet
I can't stand the heat
So dance, dance, dance
Dance to the spiritual
Chance, chance, take a chance
Oh and break the ritual
It's habitual
But I'm no longer comfortable
Just to let life flow and flow into
I just can't take it no more
To leave my mind in a jar by the door
I don't care who's done this before
It ain't cool
We're all fools
We're all mindless bores in our ritual
Oh smash the trend
Turn around the bend
Never again
Now move to the beat
Motivate your feet
I wanna take the heat...
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